At our Bay Area Lexus Service Center, we see dozens of Lexus vehicles every day. Over time, we’ve learned what maintenance items are most important to keeping your Lexus running like new, and we’ll help ensure that even a used Lexus is reliable for years to come.

Coolant Checks

We all know that changing your oil regularly is important, but your coolant deals with similar issues on a much slower time scale. Still, heat cycling and oxidation can break down your coolant over time, which causes a host of issues inside your engine. By having your coolant checked and flushed yearly, you’ll avoid internal engine corrosion and overheating issues that can result from coolant that has broken down beyond and can no longer do its job.

Brake Inspection

Your brakes get a work out, especially if you frequently commute in heavy traffic. In addition, hot summer temperatures accelerate brake wear, and your drives to and from Mount Hood are sure to put a strain on your braking system. By having your brakes checked periodically, you’ll get ahead of potential issues with extreme brake wear and avoid damaging more critical components by having your pads and rotors changed before you have a problem.


A wheel alignment sets your wheels back in line, but the importance of this service can’t be overstated. A misaligned suspension causes ill handling, poor tire wear, and unpredictable vehicle behavior that can range from uncomfortable to dangerous. A yearly wheel alignment keeps everything in check so you can always drive with confidence.

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You can schedule Lexus service online and be sure to inquire about the above services to ensure that your Lexus gets the care it deserves so it can run its best.

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